An event where EV owners can share their experience of owning an EV with future/potential owners.

About this event

Hey, are you interested in electric cars and have a million questions that you don’t have answers to? Getting accurate information online sometimes can be confusing, why not ask actual owners and see what their experience have been!


Are you an EV owner and want to share your experience with future owners? I love talking about EVs and I’m sure you do too!


Consider coming out to Electrify Okanagan: where EV owners and EV professionals like Limitless EV – your certified local EV Charging experts, as well as many other local companies, including local EV dealerships can help make your transition to a sustainable future easier…. If you have questions- we have the answers!

See you all there


Date and time

Sun, 15 May 2022, 12:00 PM PDT



McCurdy Corner

948 McCurdy Rd

Kelowna, BC